[Fishman / Fishman] ★ New Products ★ BRIST VAJRADANA 11XH

[Fishman / Fishman] ★ New Products ★ BRIST VAJRADANA 11XH

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Item Description

Komu sword toward the wildest dream "Iso bait"

[BRIST VAJRADANA11XH (Bristol Vajra Dana)]

of the "I dream of my since I was a kid to catch a sailfish from the shore!" Jogu was coming out but three years ago.
Kagoshima was the seat of liquor and came Akatsuka to the expedition.
It became a chance to open up the world Fishman is "Iso bait"
Then, the first step to that dream, Buraggingu dedicated rod "BRIST VAJRADANA 11XH" is completed.
The biggest feature of the rod lies in the ease of casting.
Back space is sufficient, and if the firm take-back can be, in the case it is not possible to reverse a big difference in the length of the hanging of the lure may occur.
The gap is the deviation of the release point of the spool, it also leads to a backlash.
That point, was this rod is by providing the tip that is sticky with a relatively soft, to have a width to the release point.
We were able to spawn an easy cast performance.
Fight in the too hard bat tends to break the balance, also lead to life-threatening trouble with steep礁上.
But, VAJRADANA is over the bat from Berry, set, such as to increase the power to the extent that the load increases.
With strong emphasis on that to enable fight back firmly make a pole.

■ Specifications

overall length: 332cm (11ft)
Materials: 4-axis carbon
guide: K guide titanium + stainless
Its own weight: 469g joint number: three-piece
informal Noh play Dimensions: 118cm
lure Weight: 40 - 100g
line: 50〜90Lb
Braid Line / PE3 - 6 No.

ancient Indian weapon (Vajura) stamp was designed motif.

Stamped on the metal parts are directed toward the ROCK SHORE STYLE.