[Fishman / Fishman] ★ New Products ★ Beams Xpan 4.3LTS

[Fishman / Fishman] ★ New Products ★ Beams Xpan 4.3LTS

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Item Description

Ultra-compact drawer Tansao bait

[Beams Xpan 4.3LTS (beam expanders)]

informal Noh play 4.3 feet is bait casting rod for the next mountain stream of Blanc Sierra dimensions 40cm.
In addition to carry a convenient "telescopic" adopted.
Available in the concept is really the practice of this rod, a small ultra-compact drawer rod of damage.
Blanks to be at the waist tenacity to have tension, succeeded by arranging for each layer different tonnage carbon materials.
Further porting the bending of the Blanc Sierra to process the joint is often as BC4.
And the headwaters and accurately Uteru Acura Sea performance a small pin spot in Satogawa, to the range is narrow point to invite, by tip with tension, easy to taper design to immediately action operation transmission.

Informal Noh play dimensions 40 cm square one rod

Cverall length: 130cm (4.3ft)
Materials: 4 Axis Carbon
Guide: K guide Stainless
Own weight: 93 g
Splicing stars 4 pieces
Informal Noh play dimensions: 40cm
Lure Weight: 3 to 8 g
Line: No.0.4-0.8 (2-6lb Braid Line)


No.1-5 guide the drawing board for inductive guide.

[Weep holes]

The end plate central to the water drain hole.
Prevent moisture from accumulating in after use.

[End removable]

It can be removed by turning since the end plate is in the screw.