[TRY-ANGLE] Drag Clicker Gear Set BC420SSS/BC421SSS

[TRY-ANGLE] Drag Clicker Gear Set BC420SSS/BC421SSS

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Item Description

drag clicker gear set for BC420SSS · BC421SSS

drag clicker mechanism
as "Isuzu industry" as a collaboration reel of "TRY-ANGLE", mounted from the "BC420SSS-T2" and "BC421SSS-T2" released in 2017, "drag clicker mechanism"
most Release original drag clicker for BC series are high-precision machining with high technology as BC420SSS · BC421SSS series corresponding gear assembly. Planning is TRY-ANGLE. Development is the Isuzu industry also said genuine manufacturer.

Drag clicker gear set specification
gear ratio 5.1

built-in method
detailed built-in procedure is here

built-in ※ parts, please go at your own risk.
Not responsible for the damage caused by the exchange.
The incorporation of this product requires decomposition technology of the reel.
After disassembly for parts built-in, it may not be able to accept a warranty repair correspondence.

Compatible models
BC420SSS Vintage and BC421SSS Vintage, corresponding to the compatible models and BC420SSS Pescatore and BC421SSS Pescatore
※ however, does not guarantee a response to all of the compatible machine.