[whiplash factory] Serpent-Bite Handle Type-G

[whiplash factory] Serpent-Bite Handle Type-G

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Item Description

Product Concept

COLOR: Gunmetal and black

Serpent Bite and handle have been renewed.
The plate shape has been revised to strengthen the molecular bond to the high strength aluminum plate.
Product has been powered up by press work.
SUS304 shaft is successfully connected to the plate using the same method as the handle for Ishidai.
It can withstand strong loads.
The knob is designed to be held at three points and can be gripped in case of emergency.
Knobs are designed to hold and prevent the rod from slipping out.
Unique design for side view when mounted on a circular bait reel
Two ball bearings are built into the knob to ensure smooth operation.
The inside can be disassembled for cleaning and greasing.
When assembling after maintenance, apply a small amount of removable type screw fixing agent such as Loctite medium strength blue to the fixing truss screws.
This will shut out loosening during use.

High strength aluminum handle plate
High durability elastomer knob
4 ball bearings

Compatible models


Daiwa MILLIONAIRE CV-Z250J,300(CV-Z100 class,200 class,253 are not compatible.)
CV-X200 class, 253, 300, SNAKEHEAD CUSTOM 300, Abu Ambassador 4000 to 6000 class

Models with compatible handlebars with these models will fit.