[34 / THIRTY FOUR] ZEROGRA DOUBLE HANDLE 3 (for Spinning reel)

[34 / THIRTY FOUR] ZEROGRA DOUBLE HANDLE 3 (for Spinning reel)

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Item Description

Product Concept

has released a fishing items for Ajingu 34 handle for spinning reel that has been released in limited every year from (Thirty Four).

It is the emergence of the 3rd-zero Gras double handle 3.

The length of the handle is 63mm. The handle knob is made of resin handle material is made of super duralumin.

In handle the weight of the industry's lightest, success in weight reduction of about 23% compared with the zero Gras double handle 2 of the previous work.
(For Daiwa: 15.6g, for Shimano: 15.6g ※ lightest-2017 as a double handle of December)

In addition, the main shaft also is shorter than Zerogura 2, lighter in the suppression of the rotation shake and than the original sensitivity success. Resin knob it is also a significant design change.

Zero Gras double handle 3 having further improved lightness and sensitivity.

I think that you all means try.

※ Please note

・handle and the veil is subject to contact when the rarely returns a veil on the model of the-some reel.

・Cast position (state line roller came in above) does not have a problem.

・This is the result of the priority the benefits, such as improved sensitivity and rotational camera shake of suppression.

・anodized is, there is a case to be faded by the sun or the like.


when used in combination with balancer, please attach from the handle before.

Resin skirt should be mounted on the reel in a state in which the listed above.

Tightening in-state, which was down on the reel side there is a risk of the reel and the resin skirt is in contact with cause damage or scratches.

· After installation, please lower the resin skirt to a position that does not come into contact with the reel.