[Fishman] Beams inte 7.9UL

[Fishman] Beams inte 7.9UL

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Made possible the long cast of 1g stand lures bait tackle

[Beams inte 7.9UL (beam Inte)]

harbor, coastal waters light games that use further below micro lure a light lure. The weight is light, sometimes also be less than 1g.
Partner pecking such a small lure, strong guy that has been trained in the fast tide.
Rockfish and mackerel, plating, grouper system, black porgy, come to prey Datte Chivas Ranker class in some circumstances.

I do not know what it takes, But must be confronted by a thin line.
If you use the drag becomes somehow? No, at the moment it issued the line, a negative game over ...... anglers are sink into structure in the fast strong dash.
What is needed is a finesse line, gather to float in Inashi the opponent with a minimum of drag settings, power and action, such as puffy.

Micro lure was cast even Beams7.0L and 7.6L, which has been once lineup.
But, it was too strong for the line.
Line to the rod power had been defeated.
Was asked to "inte" is, Kazusao, it also returns to the bend, such as the total rod.
Even in a situation that does not put out a line, without further run by the body part and the summing with tension, thereby also line breaks prevent. Then, by bending moderately, peeled off from the structure and trends without feel a sense of discomfort to the fish.

And long cast as much as possible there is only lure a few g, not to cause a line trouble as a result of the yarn twist and yarn dandruff, walk about in comfortable Ranker of once-in-a-lifetime chance to the other party.
It wanted to achieve in the bait rod.
Fishing of attack that can be precisely because bait tackle is, he hooked and somewhere south to micro game.

Total length: 236cm (7.9ft) Materials: 4 Axis Carbon Guide: K guide titanium + Stainless own weight: 124 g joint: 3 pieces informal Noh play Dimensions: 95.5Cm Saki径: 1.5 mm Moto径: 9.5 mm Grip length: 57.4Cm lure Weight: 1~10g line: PE0.3~1 No.

[grip around]
and reel sheet of blank touch, a small aluminum fore grip on the design of the original formed and sensitivity emphasis.

[Blank Color Guide]
all the material in the K guide the combination of titanium and stainless steel. Also supports thin PE line.

Length : 7ft 9inc
Material : 4 Axis Carbon
Weight : 121g
Guide : K Guide Titanium + Stainless Steel
Piece : 3
Collapsed size : 95.5cm
Grip : 57.4cm
Lure weight : 2 - 10g
Line : PE #0.3 - 1

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