[Studio Composite] Carbon Fit Handle Knob *HKCA

[Studio Composite] Carbon Fit Handle Knob *HKCA

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Item Description

Description of item

The size of the steering wheel knob and the weight

M Size: H 56mm x W 45mm x D 29mm about 15 g

L Size: H 60mm x W 52mm x D 31mm about 17 g

XL Size: H 64mm x W 59mm x D 34mm about 19g

Fit type

※ Even if the plastic cover had entered the inside, mounting it is possible if size is the same.

Shimano, Daiwa shared
(bearing size: 740ZZ Ando 740ZZ)

Shimano B knob
(bearing size: 950ZZ Ando 940ZZ)

Daiwa L knob
(bearing size: 850ZZ & 850ZZ)