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Amount: 10ml

New version of the popular ALCHEMY OIL is released at reasonable price!

The oily ingredient is the same!
The price became more affordable by reducing the cost of container.

Compare our product with others.
You will be able to surprisingly experience the difference of performance and casting.

It comes with a needle nozzle at this reasonable price.
It's very useful for bearings and delicate work.

We at Hedgehog Studio are proud to present our own original chemically
mixed oil.This finely mixed oil is keeps our high quality bearings spinning
freely for ages.

Our goal with this oil was to keep our bearings operating smoothly without friction,and
to keep the oil were in needs to stay, on the bearings!!

Some other benefits of using this oil is that it stays consistent in both warm and cold climates,
and keeps the bearings rust resistant, even if you are using your reel for saltwater fishing.

ALCHEMY OIL comes in 2 different versions…ULTRA LIGHT AND MEDIUM LIGHT.
You can also blend the 2 oils together and make your own special version if you like.

Ultra Light (low viscosity)

We recommend using this oil for your baitcasters spool bearings.This ultra light
oil keeps the bearings from acting sluggish,allowing you to cast lighter lures for
longer distances.

※We use this oil on our long cast, tuning kit bearings.



 How to use

There are many types of our product bearings. and a mainly large difference of it is whether "open type bearing (picture left)" or "shield type bearing (picture right)".

A amount oil to use meintenance is a drop.

【Case of open bearing】

【Case of shield bearing】

Lubricate the oil to red ring.

 Reel maintenance (Bait reels)

1.Spool Bearing (Shaft less spool)

Shaft less spool of Daiwa and Abu reels.

Lubricate the oiil to spool bearing.

And then,Lubricate the oil side and tip of spool shaft.

Opposite of spool shaft lubricate the oil,too.

2.Spool Bearing (Shaft spool)

Shaft spool of SHIMANO reels.

Basically,Shaft spool don't equip the spool bearing.Lubricate the oil side and tip of spool shaft.

Opposite of spool shaft lubricate the oil,too.

※Case of equip the spool bearing on spool shaft.

Lubricate the oiil to spool bearing.

◆3.Side Cover Plate Bearing

Abu Garcia reels.

Daiwa reels.

SHIMANO reels.

Remove the side cover plate,and then lubricate the oil to bearing.
※Construction of side cover plate differ by reel types.

In the case of side cover plate included SVS infinity ,lubricate the oil to "Blake Pipe",too.

◆4.Pinion Shaft

Remove the mechanical brake knob., and then remove the pinion shaft.

Lubricate the oil side and tip of pinion shaft.

◆5.Handle knob Bearing

Remove the handle knob cap, and then lubricate the oil inside it.

Lubricate the oil between handle and handle knob.

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