[Avail] Offset frame 7.5 for ABU Ambassador 2500C

[Avail] Offset frame 7.5 for ABU Ambassador 2500C

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■Product introduction

Aluminum offset frame for 2500C 7.5

Offset frame for ABU Ambassador 2500C.
By offsetting the reel foot upward, excellent palming performance has been achieved when attached to the rod.
It will change to a position that is easy for those who have been difficult to get around and those who have small hands.

The model released this time has an offset of 7.5 mm, giving priority to compatibility with various rod grips, but we are considering a model with a lower down.
We are also planning a gold-plated model and a model with alumite (black, red) side plates.

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■Image when the rod is attached

In the case of PC display, you can compare it with the image of mounting with a genuine frame by hovering the cursor over the image below.

2500CGreen:Aluminum offset frame 7.5 installed
2500C Silver: Genuine frame installed


・Offset frame for 2500C 7.5

For 2500C

For 2501C


・Basic specifications

・Side plates, feet, bars: extra super duralumin
・Post: Titanium 64 alloy
・Fixing screw: Stainless steel

・Aluminum offset frame for 2500C 7.5:29.3g
・Genuine frame 2500C:51.0g(May vary depending on the model.)

(Offset amount)

(Compatible model)
・ABU Ambassador
※Both IAR and non-IAR are compatible.

■About the product

Aluminum offset frame 7.5

The screws on the reel foot fixing part and the thumb bar fixing part may come loose due to use.
Check regularly to see if it is loose, and if it is loose, retighten it.
The size of the tool is No. 2 of a Phillips screwdriver for the foot part and M2 size of a hexagon wrench for the thumb bar part.

Depending on the shape of the reel seat, it may interfere with the reel seat if it cannot be installed or if it is loosely installed.
If the installation is loose, use a thick vinyl tape on the back of the foot.
Since there are innumerable reel seats, many unconfirmed ones may not fit.