[MTCW] Drag Grease MTDG-SW (Salt water dedicated high viscosity)

[MTCW] Drag Grease MTDG-SW (Salt water dedicated high viscosity)

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■ Product Description

MTCW and oil manufacturers in Drag Grease was co-developed
MTDG series that achieves the ultimate performance required to drag.

The industry's first, is Drag Grease for salt water that can withstand up to 600 degrees.

By finer than conventional grease particles exert an effect as grease even in small amounts, realize unprecedented ultra-low resistance.
Has been a harsh environment to be an optimal design, always to demonstrate the performance of the grease,
 it has become possible is very good water-resistant and robust oil film secured.
Drag Grease the first-ever, has adopted a urea-based grease, ingredients, such as damage to the resin and rubber parts are not included at all.
By further blending a special fluorine, has achieved a very light and smooth operation.
This Lubricate a small amount, persisting over a long period of time the effect and the anti-wear effect with immediate effect in that adapt.

Prevent heat sagging, special powder formulations.

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