[MTCW] Giagurisu MTGG-SWH (for Salt Water dedicated high-viscosity-big)

[MTCW] Giagurisu MTGG-SWH (for Salt Water dedicated high-viscosity-big)

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■ Product Description

lithium-based grease "MTGG-SWH" proud of the toughness of the highest peak

use a lithium complex grease Among the lithium-based.
Lithium complex compared to other lithium-based
high shear stability, it has very excellent heat resistance since it is difficult to fall viscosity.
Since the summer of scorching sun and glare, it is hard to fall even if allowed to stand for a long period of time reel on board.

Grease itself is less destruction of the structure itself because of the gel structure,
also prevents a strong block and rust spray or sea water!

Not only the strength, also smoothness which is indispensable in order to fishing both.
Is a gem that combines heat resistance, water resistance, anti-rust all.

Ideal for large reel and large jigging reel casting reel, etc. (such as tuna, kingfish).

Made in Japan