[MTCW] oil MT-02 for trout (medium viscosity)

[MTCW] oil MT-02 for trout (medium viscosity)

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■ Product Description

oil manufacturers and reel dedicated oil was developed jointly

tackle the industry's first, [compression ester] the adoption oil manufacturers jointly developed with reel dedicated oil

less than 1/10 of ultra-fine structure oil and of-conventional chemical synthesis oil
ultra-low It has a viscosity properties, shear resistance, thermal conductivity, and excellent確圧property.

- especially in the conventional chemical synthetic oil, oil molecules are destroyed, but will lose its role as oil,
ultrafine particle structure oil is not the oil molecules are destroyed.

- finely divided oil has properties of adsorbing to metal surfaces to form a very thin oil film.
Thereby creates a Namerase' surface that does not cause a strong and oil film.

Compression oil because ultrafine structure, easily adsorbed on the surface in the same active area,
to ensure long term a strong and very thin oil film allows to preserve and protect the reel from moisture and abrasion.

· The ultra-fine particles structure oil, permeates every corner of ball bearings, contributing to improved durability and nimble response.

 Peace of mind and high-performance implementation

was harsh and was trained in motor sports be asked to limit high-performance [compression ester] That's why realization for oil,
very strongly to temperature changes and environmental changes, the best rotation response than ever before to realize the oil.

· The special fluorine blending and ultra-fine particles structure oil, to achieve further friction reducing, will be light and smooth motion, such as slipping on ice.
In addition, the ultrafine particle structure oil properties compared to conventional chemical synthetic oils, prevent the entry of water and dust because of the high sealability.

 Pure oil and only in special fluorine forms an ultra-low viscosity, does not have a any solvent dilution or the like.
Viscosity changes due to volatilization of the solvent for a long period of time, there is no change in concentration.
For this reason it will persist always stable performance. Even when wet with water there is no change in performance.

- Since components such as polishing, such as titanium and diamond it does not contain any, dirt wear and oil virtually no.
In addition, components that degrade the plastic and rubber, with confidence because it does not include you can use.

Trout spinning, has been optimized for bait system, it is a medium (medium viscosity) with an emphasis on moist and silky feeling.

Contents: 10ml