【NS CRAFT】Cross Bakelite Handle Knob

【NS CRAFT】Cross Bakelite Handle Knob

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NS-CRAFT 「Cross Bakelite Handle Knob」

This product will be obtaining commodity.
We have received your time of about one week to deliver.

It is flat knob using the Bakelite the material. Pleasure not slip even when wet with water, moist and Sucking stick such a texture is attractive.
Just processed is yellow to brown, but will change to a deep amber to gradually due to aging.
The surface finish, dare to just Borisshu with a polishing cloth of about # 1000, but remains a fine roughness.
By polishing more finely, it is also possible to give a dark amber gloss. (In comparison with the original, there is a slippery fear)

the outward surface of the knob is rectangular, is a different shape twist, such as steering wheel side is oval. Cloth fiber cross-bake ran to the horizontal to the material, it has come out beautiful contour pattern.

☆ cross bake (cloth bake) The
thermosetting resin with phenol resin in which the fabric fibers and substrates.

◆Basic Specifications

・Size: Length 30mm

※There is ※ left twist specifications (for left-handed handle) and the right twist specification (for right-handed handle).
  Please select the specification of your choice. (Left: left twist type right: the right twist type)


· can be installed in-Shimano genuine handle.
· Please adjust to put the resin color when attached to Daiwa genuine handle.
· it can be installed to avail made handle. (S mounted not on the trad handle)

◆attention on the mounting

of the item can not be mounted in the handle knob cap. So, it will be looking to handle knob screw is exposed to When I have attached the handle.

To avail made handle the case of mounting only, sold separately avail titanium 64 screws it is possible to dress up using.


adjustment for resin color (white) 1 ×, washers (black) three ×,
※ If the amount of looseness when worn the knob occurs, please adjust to put the washer (black).
※ If you are attached to Daiwa genuine handle or avail custom handle, please use the adjustment resin color (white).

※ knob and so we become sales in one, please order by two in the case of use with a double handle.
※ bearing we become with the two enter the design, but because it does not have a bearing included with the goods, please be prepared separately.
※ bearings are two in the case of a single handle, in the case of a double handle requires four.

Left: Fabrication of freshly ground  Right: many times actual figure was used

twist type
is the degree of twist Could you tell us?

The outward surface of the knob as a parallelogram, is a different shape twist of the handle side until the elliptical shape.
Since the cloth fiber cross-bake are running horizontally to the material, and he has contour pattern to Nari twist.

Image Left: Left twist (for left-handed handle)
in the image: flat dimple (handle left and right common)
image right: (for right-handed handle) right twist

It should be noted, such as the corners of the roundness and shape design, in the direction in which I think rightly by the production lot we will be each time improvement.
Since this material is scraped with a knife or sandpaper, It is also possible the original shape of the user like only.

ABU Cardinal 33ROBO-W45: our delta attached to the double handle of the (S size)
as well, the double handle of 44 to W50 was the best M size.

Front left is M size of height 18.5mm, the right is S size of 17mm.
But is a slight difference, S is goes well in the mountain stream fish and tube fishing in the delicate feeling that pluck the soft going.
M is the force also wish also put it accordingly, fit-like triangle can be said that it is peace of mind.

Like the flat and Hinerinobu, different shape cutting machine having a different shape in the internal and external and is our original.
In addition, cross-baked material fibers are stacked horizontally, it has been processed by tilting it so,
triangle three sides all has become a slightly different pattern.

Ambassador 4000-5000 optimum delta (M size) to class

new product of cross-bake knob of its own texture is popular, is the announcement of Δ delta.
It has a triangular shape of the knob as you can see, handle side is a different shape cutting machine to gradually change into a round shape.
The outer side of the triangular portion of the sides Yes so slightly recessed, the condition that fits like a finger fit into a different dimension sense! !
When the upward inclined to manipulate the little handle at the bait reel, this fit will be exhibited.

(Because I always pick the handle knob with three fingers, I realized I would like to make a triangular one day.)

In the texture of the cross-bake (cloth baking), to spinning to the bait of small to medium-sized, new and old It looks good also.
Size length 30 mm, with outward triangular portions of height 17 mm (S size), two types of height 18.5 mm (M size).
Of course, bearing two pieces, it has a Shimano A type and compatibility.

Cross bake (cloth bake)
is a thermosetting resin with phenol resin fabric fibers as a base material.
Difficult to slip even when wet with wonder and water, like have a smoke stick texture moist I think charm.
History has also been used, such as to grip, such as a knife or knives of grip or firearms, is also well-established also resin.

Just processed is yellow to brown, but we will gradually changes to a deep amber due to aging.
The surface finish, dare to just Borisshu at # 1000 degree polishing cloth, it may leave a fine roughness.
If Masure more finely polished in the way of user-like, I think dark amber gloss also possible. (Without problems such as slides)

Cross-bake NS round knob

↑ left and right is a round knob of ABU genuine ↑

height is shorter than our conventional cross bake knob various (flat-twist · Δ delta) 29mm.
Shape is in reference to the ABU genuine, Yes to improve the knob easy to shape.
Taking advantage of the texture of the unique cross-bake, it suits also to spinning to the bait of small to medium-sized, new and old.
Of course, bearing two pieces, it has a Shimano A type and compatibility.

This product has become a knob sold separately.
On the knob specifications, it is not attached knob cap.

The nature of the material, you please understand there is uneven color and fiber.
Adsorbs immediately to moisture or oil also if you use, we come now to the deep shades and are damp.